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Innovation is the key to the future. In the new millennium, we put behind us the old technology, the old methodology, the old productivity, and the old sales tactics. We replace them with new technology, new rate of efficiency, new record of output, and a new devotion to customer satisfaction. Our pressing machines speak for themselves. Within them, you will find durability, cost efficiency, innovative mechanical structure and operation, convenient and easy manageability where the machines work for you.

You have a combination of efficiency, convenient manageability, and durability and you get a pressing machine that you can count on to produce faster than what you are used to in the past. They are made innovatively easier for you to operate making you able to allocate your energy and time to increasing your revenue and business expansion. Our machine's longevity gives you a high return-of-investment, and our affordable price has placed our machines in high demand.

We promise you pressing machines of highest standard and value. Your satisfaction and relationship with us matters. Our machines are highly qualified to meet your demands and more. With our warehouse in the United States, we guarantee you a speedy delivery, and because we stand behind our machines, you will also receive a five-year warranty.

United Press Inc. is the machine you can count on.

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